This Mother’s Day, I Honor You

Mother’s Day can bring a mixture of emotions for a lot of women. Here I hope to speak to a few different situations a woman might be facing today in hopes that whatever your situation may be (including one that I don’t address), you feel loved, seen, and comforted.

To the woman who is a mom to living children…celebrate the gift your children are to you and know that all of your labor in parenting is not in vain. You will reap a reward if you do not give up. I honor you today.

To the woman who longs to be a mom but is suffering from infertility…cling to the Lord, cry out to Him in your pain, and trust that He is good, even when His plan doesn’t seem to make sense. With every disappointment and discouragement, turn to the One who holds you close. I honor you today.

To the woman who has a child or children in Heaven…this day is so hard, and it’s a reminder that one (or more) that you love isn’t here with you. It’s okay to weep. It’s okay to grieve. May God comfort you in your grief. I honor you today.

To the woman who is a mom-like figure to others…you are a role model of a godly woman and your effort to pour into the next generation is not unnoticed by God. I honor you today.

To the woman who has lost her mom…while I don’t know what your loss feels like, I know the pain runs deep and you wish your mom was here. Lean into the Lord and allow Him to comfort your broken spirit. I honor you today.

To the woman who still has her mom this side of Heaven…rejoice that the Lord has allowed you and your mom more time together. Even if it isn’t a perfect relationship, may you honor and cherish your mom and be grateful for all that she’s done for you and your family. I honor you today.

To the woman who is a mom to children who are not biologically hers…while you rejoice over these precious ones in your care, you grieve for their biological mommy who isn’t here with them. It’s a mix of emotions that is hard to explain to others. I’m so thankful that you are caring for those in your care as if they were biologically yours. I honor you today.

Whichever one(s) describes you or if your situation is one I didn’t think of, I honor you today. You are known and seen by God. He loves you deeply. May you feel his presence with you today and everyday.

Pressing on in faith, Jennifer