30 Days of Thankfulness Update

For the next 30 days, I’m spending time each day thinking about all of the things I am grateful for and giving thanks to God for how He is working in my life. (See my original 30 Days of Thankfulness post here.) This exercise has already been so good for me. I’ve had a better attitude, and I’ve been watching for how God is moving in my life, even in small ways. Here is an update from my first 14 days:

Day 1-for my salvation, for my productive and efficient day at work, for my afternoon nap and rest time, for all the VBS volunteers who came to the training, for just the right ingredients to pull off dinner, for Baby Girl’s hiccups

Day 2-for God’s grace and love, for 3 straight nights of uninterrupted sleep, for fun playtime with Bernard in the afternoon, for our new dishwasher, for a good VBS worship team rehearsal

Day 3-for time with my mom this morning, for a good doctor checkup for Bernard, for a fun family movie night and lots of snuggles with my boys, for yummy pizza, for watching a show with Mace

Day 4-for healing for my eye, for a super fun and refreshing date afternoon (lunch and a movie) with Mace to celebrate our upcoming anniversary, for sustaining energy to get a lot done in preparation for a busy week, for my gestational diabetes test which came back negative

Day 5-for Hannah-she would be 14 months old today, for being able to breathe through my nose last night, for a great night of sleep, for sustaining energy through a busy day getting ready for my church’s VBS, for organizing my thoughts and my to-do list, for good tennis shoes so I don’t have foot pain after a long day on my feet, for turtle sundaes from Freddy’s, for Bernard’s bedtime Bible story that reminded me of exactly what I needed to hear

Day 6-for an amazing and super fun first day of VBS, for energy and joy, for some fun basketball time with Bernard, for a late-night conversation catch-up with Mace, for over 1300 kids hearing the gospel this week at our church’s VBS, for wisdom on completing important tasks

Day 7-for getting to celebrate 8 years of marriage today, for my incredible husband who loves me deeply and loves and serves me beautifully, for Mace’s support and help all these years

Day 8-for sustaining energy, for all of the kids and servers at our church’s VBS getting to hear how Jesus rescues, for a good afternoon nap, for a healthy baby girl and being 27 weeks pregnant today, for my sweet friends who were selected to be a little boy’s adoptive family

Day 9-for a powerful day at VBS learning that no matter how much wrong you do, Jesus still loves you and wants to save you, for Mace keeping up with the dishes in my absence this week, for hugs from lots of sweet children at VBS

Day 10-for an amazing week of VBS, for big truths being spoken to little hearts all week, for lots of energy, for so many donations collected for foster children and teens in our area

Day 11-for a great, well-balanced day at home with my family, for a fun movie at the theater with my boys, for time to clean my home and do other things around the house, for a nice long time reading in bed this morning, for sleeping in past 5am, for quality time with my family

Day 12-for riding together as a family to church (I typically leave much earlier), for seeing Bernard during preschool praise and worship at church and getting to sit with him, for a wonderful little family getaway at a local resort, for having a 2-hour break in the storms so we could go swimming and play at the water park at the resort, for good, deep conversations with Mace

Day 13-for another 2-hour break in the storms so we could have more playtime at the water park, for more deep conversations with Mace, for a delicious lunch, for time once we got home to unpack and go to dinner as a family, for a great discipleship meeting

Day 14-for a great check-up at my OB-baby’s heartbeat sounded good and I’m measuring perfectly, for an afternoon nap, for having the energy to tape off the nursery in preparation for painting, for a safe drive to and from downtown in the rain