30 Days of Thankfulness Week 3 Update

For the next 30 days, I’m spending time each day thinking about all of the things I am grateful for and giving thanks to God for how He is working in my life. (See my original 30 Days of Thankfulness post here.) This exercise has already been so good for me. I’ve had a better attitude, and I’ve been watching for how God is moving in my life, even in small ways. Here is an update from my third week of doing this exercise:

Day 15-that we could get the van into the shop at Carmax on the same day to be looked at, that I got to meet our friends’ most precious newborn baby boy, for keeping B and I safe as we had to drive through flash flooding

Day 16-that Carmax (where we bought my van) called and said they would cover the repairs free of charge, for a very helpful conversation with B’s therapist on some additional techniques to use with him to help him learn to self-regulate

Day 17-for getting the nursery painted, for having the blessing of being able to prepare a nursery for our little one, for a fun time swimming with our friends, for a great dinner at home with a couple from our small group, for lots of energy to accomplish several tasks

Day 18-for a slow morning, for lunch at our neighbors house and time to catch up with them while Bernard played with their boys, for a great dinner celebrating my father-in-law’s and my Birthday

Day 19-that Baby Girl’s monitoring at the hospital went well and that she started moving like normal again this afternoon, for a fun time teaching the kindergarteners at my church, for a yummy ice cream dinner with Mace, for sweet friends who watched B at the last minute so we could go to the hospital

Day 20-that Baby Girl has been very active today which is so reassuring, for a productive work day, for afternoon showers that cooled it down outside, for a great conversation with my friends in my discipleship group

Day 21-for the AT&T repairman who fixed our WiFi issue, for a fun time outside with B on our new slip-n-slide, for some time in the afternoon to rest while also checking some things off my to-do list